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Our Expertise

Sontech is a leading provider of noise control solutions, specializing in sound insulation, airborne sound absorption, structure-borne sound absorption, and thermal insulation. Our world-class R&D and laboratory facilities enable us to be a one-stop shop for our developing customers.

Why Sontech?

Sontech stands out from the competition with our one-stop shop approach, world-class expertise in microperforated plates, and our own invention Acustimet for airborne sound absorption.

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When to Contact Sontech Noise Experts

Developing New Silent Products

Addressing sound issues early ensures optimal acoustics, preventing the need for costly fixes later in the process. Trust us to integrate sound solutions seamlessly from the beginning, saving you both time and expenses.

Start Your Silent Journey

Existing Noisy Products

Facing sound issues with an existing product? Seek our expertise for efficient solutions to resolve and enhance its acoustic performance. Let Sontech be your go-to partner in tackling sound challenges.

Solve Noise Issues Now

Outperform Competitors Products

Surpassing competitors, make your products stand out in performance, innovation, and quality. Sontech elevates your product’s noise problems with innovative solutions that outperform the rest.

Lead with Superior Sound

Silent HVAC solutions

Drivers cabins

Custom-made silencer


Your one-stop solution for noise control.

Analysis Noise problems

We offer comprehensive product sound analysis to ensure optimal acoustic performance. By applying advanced analyses, we can identify and address potential noise and sound issues.

Concept Solution & Design

Sontech engineers transforming your ideas into reality with innovative thinking. Our team delivers visionary solutions, seamlessly integrating creativity and functionality to bring concepts to life.


Explore rapid, in-house prototyping with Sontech Noise Control—swiftly transforming concepts into tangible prototypes.


Experience comprehensive manufacturing capabilities with our cutting-edge machine park, including laser cutting, welding, bending, punching, lamination and more.

Series Delivery

Sontech offer series production with large-volume deliveries, ensuring efficiency and scalability for your needs.

Spare parts

Benefit from our 4000 m2 warehouse for fast deliveries and readily available spare parts.
One-stop shop for noise problems


Sound Insulation

Unlock the quiet with our premier sound insulation solutions. By integrating state-of-the-art materials and innovative designs, we achieve unmatched noise reduction for a serene environment. Let us enhance your space's acoustics.

Airborne Sound Absorption

Experience tranquility with our advanced airborne sound absorption. Our solutions are crafted to capture and dissipate noise, ensuring clear sound quality and peaceful surroundings. Explore how we can transform your auditory landscape.

Structure-borne Sound Absorption

Mitigate vibrations and noise at the source with our structure-borne sound absorption technology. Designed for optimal performance, our solutions reduce noise transmission through materials, offering a solid foundation for silence.

Thermal Insulation

Enhance comfort and efficiency with our thermal insulation products. Beyond controlling temperatures, our solutions contribute to noise reduction, providing a dual benefit. Discover the synergy of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Metamaterial, Acustimet MPP

Step into the future of sound control with our Meta-Material solutions. Engineered at the cutting edge of acoustic technology, these materials offer unparalleled noise management capabilities, shaping soundscapes with precision.


Enhance the silence with our precision-engineered gaskets. Designed for superior noise and vibration reduction, our gaskets provide an optimal seal against unwanted sounds. Discover the perfect sealing solution for your application, where every decibel matters.

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