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Empowering Innovation Through Sound Excellence

At Sontech, our journey began with the visionary minds of Ralf Corin and Mehmet Mert. Ralf, a second-generation migrant from Finland, and Mehmet, a first-generation refugee from Kurdistan, brought together their diverse experiences and a shared passion for sound engineering to create Sontech. Their backgrounds, embodying resilience and a pursuit of excellence, have been fundamental in shaping our company ethos.

Unleashing Potential with One-Stop Acoustic Solutions

Rooted in the diverse perspectives of our founders, Sontech’s mission is to assist product-developing companies in overcoming sound challenges and unleashing their full innovative potential. Our one-stop shop offering of efficient and cost-effective solutions is designed to alleviate the technical burdens from our clients, allowing them to focus entirely on developing groundbreaking products.

Setting Global Standards in Sustainable Acoustics

Ralf and Mehmet’s vision was not just about leading in the field of acoustics; it was about setting a global benchmark for sustainable sound solutions. Their belief that every reduced decibel is as significant as every saved ton of carbon dioxide has guided Sontech to become a pioneer in sustainable acoustic technology.



Sontech Is Founded


Patent Approved On Acustimet MPP


Scania & Volvo: First Bus Manufacturing Customers


QC Certification According To ISO9001 And ISO14000


Second Patent Approved: Meta Material


First Acustimet Order For Train HVAC, Alstom


First Participation In Joint European R&D Project: "Quiet Cooling Of Engines"


Acustical High-End ASTM2611-Lab System Built & Trimmed



Your Vision

Our Mission


Our goal, inspired by the diverse and rich heritage of our founders, is to be the undeniable partner in sound optimization. By choosing Sontech, you align with a company that not only understands sound but also appreciates the diverse narratives and challenges that shape innovative products. Together, we will bring your visions to life, creating a legacy of quality, innovation, and sustainability.

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