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Our Comprehensive Range of Noise Control Solutions


Acustimet® is our innovative microperforated panel in all-metal and no fibres. Since we first developed the product in our labs 20 years ago, we have made continuous improvements to the material as well as its applications. Acustimet® is especially well-suited for high temperatures and fire resistant applications. Some of its advantages include the following: 


  • Does not attract fluids or dirt

  • Does not age

  • Aesthetic appearance

  • No static electricity

  • Fire proof
  • 100% recyclable
  • +50 year life time

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Our Full-Service Approach

An overview of Sontech's full-service approach, including analysis, measurement, prototyping, serial deliveries, and documentation.

Sound Insulation

Sound Insulation...

Airborne Sound Absorption

Airborne Sound Absorption...

Structure-borne Sound Absorption

Structure-borne Sound Absorption...

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation...

Acustimet MPP

Acustimet MPP...

R&D and Laboratory Services

R&D and Laboratory Services...