Regenocell S with Urethane Film

Regenocell S with urethane film is a sound absorbing material of regenerated foamed polyurethane. The product is based on Regenocell S but its surface is covered with an elastic film of urethane. The material can be bent and is self-adhesive. Can be combined with a mat for structure-borne sound damping and airborne sound insulation.

Areas Of Application

Factory machinery, fans, mills, printing and metal handling machinery, dust separators, timber handling equipment, electric generating sets, generators, engines, compressors.

Transportation and vehicles
Engine rooms in boats and vehicles, scooters, contractor’s and gardening machinery.

Hospital care and large-scale kitchens
Sink units, dishwashing machines, roller tables, air filters.

Lifts, motor rooms, ventilation systems.

Method of use
The parts are cut or stamped to the required shape and carefully pressed on to a surface that must be free from oil, dirt, and dust.


  • Good sound absorption
  • High density
  • Aesthetically attractive surface
  • Resistant to mechanical wear
  • Film is resistant to petrol and most chemicals
  • Repels liquids and moisture
  • Easy to wash
  • Difficult to ignite

Technical Data

Sound absorption:
See PDF diagram.

Temperature resistance:
-40°C to +120°C

Fire class:

Coefficient of thermal conductivity:
Lambda = 0,036 W/m°C

Surface film: Black. Foam: Varying

Adhesive’s tear strength:
Approx. 15 N/cm test width

Surface film thickness:

10, 20 or 30mm (other thicknesses can be supplied on request)

Approx. 100 kg/m3

Delivery format:
1000×2000 mm (other sizes and shapes can be supplied on request)


The shaping and positioning of the material is of major importance to achieve an optimal sound-dampening effect. Sontech has long experience of practical noise control projects in a wide range of industrial fields. These experiences can be a valuable addition to the laboratory data given in the datasheet. Sontech can also assist with advice and sound measurements for noise control and in the manufacture of customised material sets.

Designation System


Thickness in mm:
10, 20 or 30

Fire class FMVSS302:

Urethane film:

Exampel of ordering code: